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Hula Doll

Hula Doll

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Looking for a Hula that moves?

Looking to add a Hawaiian touch to your car or office? Our Hawaiian Hula Doll is what you need! You may have already seen it on television or in the cinema, it is an emblematic figurine of Hawaiian culture.

Once attached to your dashboard, it becomes an almost instantaneous dancer and transports you to the exotic atmosphere of the island. Her colorful skirt, flower garland and ukulele add a splash of color and passion to your surroundings.

Made of cast resin, each figurine is sculpted and painted by hand, making it a unique piece. The double-sided adhesive on the base allows an easy and durable fixing.

Don't miss the opportunity to have an authentic Hawaiian experience with our Hula Girl figure!


Hula Dool Tech Info
  • Hawaiian hula girl for mounting on car dashboard or desk
  • Cast resin figurine, sculpted and painted by hand
  • Skirt, flower necklace and ukulele
  • Double-sided adhesive on the base for fixing

Dimensions of the hula girl
Height: 16cm

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